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 Reviews: You can expect to find the following things in my reviews:
title, author, if it's part of a series, the date it was published, genre(s), number of pages, a summary from and my thoughts on the book. All of my reviews are a hundred percent honest and a hundred percent spoiler free. I also post my reviews on goodreads. My rating system is made of rockets, the more rockets the book has, the better the book is. I am not paid for writing any of my reviews. All books I review are either bought, borrowed and given to me in exchange for an honest review.
Here is what our rating system looks like:

Read this book as soon as you can, it's amazing!

Great read, one or two things I didn't like.
Good read, wasn't a favorite.
Wouldn't recommend reading this.
Definitely wouldn't recommend this, several flaws.

To Authors/Publishers: I do accept books for review, though I can be very picky about what books I'll agree to review. I will not review anything younger than Young Adult/Teen. I would prefer books that have romance and science fiction/dystopian, but I'm willing to make exceptions. If you're interested, you can email me at

Comments: Anyone who comments on my blog is welcome to leave a link to a review of the same book or a link to their meme. I will  leave a comment on your review/meme in return. For those of you who just care to leave your thoughts, I will try my hardest to reply, though sometimes I am a little short on time. If you leave a comment and tell me that you're a new follower, I will follow you in return.

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